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moe.down 14~ Friends and Photo Album ~ Snow Ridge, Turin, NY ~ August 9th-11th 2013

Trey Fans: Hands On A Hard Body Ticket 40% Discount



Dude, this is the best offer we’ve seen yet. Because Trey is so cool and wants to say thanks for all your support — he’s offering fans a 40% off ticket discount on upcoming performances of HANDS ON A HARD BODY — his awesome new musical that’s on BROADWAY.

To get the discount, call (877) 250-2929 and mention code FAF1HH, or order tickets online through crappy and enter code FAF1HH or walk your butt over to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre and mention that you’re Trey’s biggest fan.

For more info like performance dates and availability (like, did y’know that theaters go dark on Mondays — and there are matinee performances on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays? in addition, of course, to regularly scheduled evening performances)  visit

Take a Tour: Grateful Dead’s Spring 1990 Box Set


You’ve got mail!

Longtime taper and Grateful Dead enthusiast Scott Bernstein unveils the six show, 18-CD box set from the band’s 1990 tour. David Lemieux handpicked these shows and Dennis McNally says it’s the last great tour from the Dead.

Watch the second part of Scott Bernstein’s tour below:

Download: Mike Gordon, Atlanta, GA, 9/17/09 (one of my faves!!)

Happy Birthday Mike Gordon! Let’s all celebrate and get bassed by downloading this iTunes ready (and one of my favorite MIKE shows ever) from Hotlanta…with very special guest artists Col Bruce Hampton sitting in on “Yield Not to Temptation” and guest sax player Deji Coker on “Nobody’s Home” and “I’m Deranged.” The Variety Playhouse show took place on Thursday, September 17th, 2009. Here’s the full setlist.

Click here to download to Mike Gordon’s Atlanta ’09 show!

Garage a Trois, Brooklyn Bowl, 5/21/11 with video!!

Garage a Trois brought their rage and killer, psychotic, free form rock and jazz metal to Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday night (5/21/11). Promoting their new album, “Always Be Happy, But Stay Evil” GAT performed various tunes off the album throughout the evening. Stanton Moore (drums), Mike Dillon (percussion), Skerik (sax), and Marco Benevento (keys) all came out in matching gray Puma jump suits and kicks. I think the jackets were off by second set–they were definitely shed by the time the tequila bottle was being passed around on stage. There was a good crowd at the Bowl, everyone dancing and eating up the stage antics. Mike Dillon climbed on top of an amp, sang a Ween song, and narrowly cleared his xylophone when he jumped over it–in all, Mike D was being Mike D and it was awesome. Skerik, between wailing on his sax and exchanging solos with Marco, would turn around and stick his tongue out at Stanton. These guys act like it’s their first day of kindergarten and have the most fun I’ve ever seen a band have on stage…though it was the last stop on their recent tour…I hope NYC gets a taste of GAT again soon. Until then…here’s some video I shot with my iPhone. Pretty ragin’

New Gig: Billy Martin premieres Wicked Knee

Billy Martin, drummer for Medeski Martin and Wood, has put together a new band with Sex Mob’s Steve Bernstein on trumpet, Curtis Fowlkes on trombone and Marcus Rojas on tuba. Playing to a 100+ crowd on Wednesday night at Sullivan Hall, in NYC, Martin led the band for the first time through a strong set touching on Martin’s Jazz background briefly–only when the horns let loose–preferring a tighter New Orleans brass band sound. Actually, that type of spirit was in the room with everyone dancing and cheering through the show. Watching Wicked Knee’s cover of “Manic Depression” I’m reminded that they kept it moving along and pretty tight for a first gig–and it was nothing like what I would expect from Billy Martin (what an incredible musician!!). I’m used to his melange of percussion that flanks his side when playing with MMW. Pretty cool to see Martin and band branching out trying something new.

Here’s Wicked Knee’s cover of “Manic Depression”

“We got some real personalities here,” said Billy Martin. When Martin introduced the band you can hear the respect and admiration he has for his band members. Check out the history behind Wicked Knees here:

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