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The Avett Brothers – I and Love and You – Terminal 5 – 5/10/12

Every once in awhile you get the premium spot to record video from–namely the front row, pit, or an elevated section where fans’ heads and other cameras aren’t in your way. Once you shoot your stellar vid you go home and either upload it, or it sits on a hard drive to be forgotten. This vid of The Avett Brothers was one of those primo vids…great vantage point (handicap section in an otherwise sold-out packed venue), good sound…and just an amazing capture of an awesome performance of the phenomenal performance of “I and Love and You” from the Avetts. BUT, when I got home and started the transfer…this video VANISHED and automatically deleted from my computer and from the Flip Cam HD that I use. So upset I could’ve cried, my husband Scott Bernstein (a computer genius and audio taper) SAVED THE DAY by running software on his computer that brings back recently deleted files. He calmed me and said he’d be able to save the video and lo and behold he did!! Without Scott this amazing video would have been nothing but a memory…but alas, here it is…in all its glory.


Blissfully Freaked Out

Hard to believe that last weekend we were at the Garden. While shooting this vid from the back of the 100-level section I remember being blissfully freaked out. It combines a sick light show from the creativity of Chris Kuroda’s mind and a beautiful and spacey jam from Phish. Moments like these were rare at the Garden this year. You’ll hear a lot of stretchy Clavinet from Page McConnell (Chairman of the Boards!!) and the treble of Mike’s bass punching through and accenting the song (I think the end of Piper?) with some upfront activity.

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