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Phish on LSD

Trey, Fish, and Mike reminisce during Gorge soundcheck (July, 2013) about one of their earliest shows where everyone took LSD (but not Mike) and they scared away Jeff Holdsworth. This video was shot from the cliffs overlooking the Columbia River (incredible views) and recorded the conversation between Trey who was checking his vocal mic and front of house sound engineer Garry Brown.

Here’s the transcript I’ve managed to cobble together — like I said it was soundcheck and they’re setting levels and there is some tuning going on in the background.

Trey: (cough) My voice isn’t coming out of the speakers. Is that where my mouth was? It was too much. Page trying to talk and it didn’t work. We stood there for like, fifteen minutes, and then we realized that … if I played my guitar and some actual chords (inaudible) finally we just ran away and never played.

Fish: Actually, the other guitar player Jeff Holdsworth ran away and never came back.

Trey: He never came back. That was the last gig he ever played.

Mike: I remember he kept walking up to the mic and trying to sing and he couldn’t.

Trey: And Mike turned to me at one point … we were up there for at least ten minutes … it was the most awkward thing …. Mike turned to me and said, “Check everyone’s minds they’ve turned to egg yolks” which, meant so much to me.

(inaudible, bass tuning in background)

Trey: It was the most profound thing that anyone had ever said to me. We never played. That was it.

Fish: Didn’t Mike also say, “let’s go to G now” … I think he was playing a C …. And said “just play a G”

Trey/Fish: Just play a G chord.

Mike: You couldn’t figure out a G chord.

Trey: And what’s a chord? It’s so many wires, it’s so many frets.

(bass tuning)

Trey: Maybe we should try that tonight, what do you think Garry?

(jazzy guitar noodling & Columbia River Gorge views)


Phish – Say Something – Mike Gordon debut – The Gorge, WA – 7/27/13

HD VIDEO :: DEBUT of the new MIKE GORDON and SCOTT MURAWSKI tune “Say Something” from the Gorge, WA, July 27, 2013. As soon as this song started, the crowd erupted and started dancing to the sounds of this 70s inspired funk groove. I was positioned between Mike and Trey about three people deep — you’ll see towards the end of the video that there’s soot (dust-like particles) flying through the air which was the result of a neighboring “fire on the mountain.” Great song, literally set the night on fire.

Getting Out of the Box

Feeling boxed in

As a music fan, do you ever feel pigeon-holed? I find that there are just too many labels that I don’t fit squarely into. Are you a jam band afficionado? A moody shoegazing indie? Maybe you’re a class rock kid, or a metal head, or a new wave newb…or is it noob? Jeez. When shopping in a record store (man, remember those days?) do you cross over sections? Perhaps from jazz to reggae to classical?

Is it really so important that there is definition in music preference? I’d like to think no, there isn’t, but more and more I find myself being shaped, molded, and squeezed into a nice package that the industry can reach. C’mon, it’s easier for the marketing and promotion departments to this way. Group think! Are we really that easy to sell to? That easy to define? Am I THAT transparent?

Maybe it would be easier if I just liked funk. Or listened to the blues all day. And if you think you’re being labeled…think about the bands themselves. Typical interview questions include: “Who do you count among your musical influences?” and “Describe your sound…”…oh, but that’s another discussion…for another day. For now I’ll sit back and be nycjamgal…but I don’t only see music in NYC or only like jammin’ music…or do I?

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