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Phish on LSD

Trey, Fish, and Mike reminisce during Gorge soundcheck (July, 2013) about one of their earliest shows where everyone took LSD (but not Mike) and they scared away Jeff Holdsworth. This video was shot from the cliffs overlooking the Columbia River (incredible views) and recorded the conversation between Trey who was checking his vocal mic and front of house sound engineer Garry Brown.

Here’s the transcript I’ve managed to cobble together — like I said it was soundcheck and they’re setting levels and there is some tuning going on in the background.

Trey: (cough) My voice isn’t coming out of the speakers. Is that where my mouth was? It was too much. Page trying to talk and it didn’t work. We stood there for like, fifteen minutes, and then we realized that … if I played my guitar and some actual chords (inaudible) finally we just ran away and never played.

Fish: Actually, the other guitar player Jeff Holdsworth ran away and never came back.

Trey: He never came back. That was the last gig he ever played.

Mike: I remember he kept walking up to the mic and trying to sing and he couldn’t.

Trey: And Mike turned to me at one point … we were up there for at least ten minutes … it was the most awkward thing …. Mike turned to me and said, “Check everyone’s minds they’ve turned to egg yolks” which, meant so much to me.

(inaudible, bass tuning in background)

Trey: It was the most profound thing that anyone had ever said to me. We never played. That was it.

Fish: Didn’t Mike also say, “let’s go to G now” … I think he was playing a C …. And said “just play a G”

Trey/Fish: Just play a G chord.

Mike: You couldn’t figure out a G chord.

Trey: And what’s a chord? It’s so many wires, it’s so many frets.

(bass tuning)

Trey: Maybe we should try that tonight, what do you think Garry?

(jazzy guitar noodling & Columbia River Gorge views)


Phish – Destiny Unbound – Merriweather Post Pavilion – 7/13/03

After a 61 gap absence, Phish busted out the Mike Gordon penned “Destiny Unbound” during summer tour 2013 at Merriweather Post Pavilion on July 13th. Destiny, which follows the tale of star-crossed lovers Highway Bill and Highway Jill, saw most of its performances between 1990-1991 and dropped off the radar until it’s return in 2003 (after 796 shows). The band has never performed the song at Madison Square Garden — here’s hoping it will this New Year’s Eve run.

Behind the Board ~ Light Director Chris Kuroda ~ Phish ~ SPAC 2013

Chris Kuroda took on a whole new light rig the summer of 2013. I watched Kuroda work his magic from behind the board during this beautiful Phish jam at Saratoga Performing Arts Center (my first shows of tour and with this new camera, not to mention ck5’s 2nd-4th shows with this rig.)

moe. with Stanley Jordan ~ Yodelittle ~ moe.down 14 ~ 8/11/13

HD VID (1080) Best known for his unique finger-tapping guitar style, Stanley Jordan sat in with moe. on Sunday night for “Yodelittle” and later came out in the second set for “meat.” After percussionist Jim Loughlin crushes the vibes, Stanley Jordan heats things up around the 1.05 mark. Don’t blink or you might miss 200 notes that Stanley Jordan plays in a matter of seconds.

moe. ~ Plane Crash with Conehead Buddha Horns ~ 8/10/13

HD VID (1080p) moe. invited the horn section from Conehead Buddha to sit in with moe. on Saturday night during Plane Crash. Shannon Lynch on sax takes a major, rocking solo before guitarist Al Schnier takes over on double-neck Gibson guitar and goes back and forth with Shannon tossing around a phat samba beat. This was one of the, if not THE BEST, versions of Plane Crash I have ever seen in my 160+ moe. shows. Props to moe. and Conehead Buddha for taking Plane Crash to the next level — it got really f*cking high!

Phish – Say Something – Mike Gordon debut – The Gorge, WA – 7/27/13

HD VIDEO :: DEBUT of the new MIKE GORDON and SCOTT MURAWSKI tune “Say Something” from the Gorge, WA, July 27, 2013. As soon as this song started, the crowd erupted and started dancing to the sounds of this 70s inspired funk groove. I was positioned between Mike and Trey about three people deep — you’ll see towards the end of the video that there’s soot (dust-like particles) flying through the air which was the result of a neighboring “fire on the mountain.” Great song, literally set the night on fire.

Blissfully Freaked Out

Hard to believe that last weekend we were at the Garden. While shooting this vid from the back of the 100-level section I remember being blissfully freaked out. It combines a sick light show from the creativity of Chris Kuroda’s mind and a beautiful and spacey jam from Phish. Moments like these were rare at the Garden this year. You’ll hear a lot of stretchy Clavinet from Page McConnell (Chairman of the Boards!!) and the treble of Mike’s bass punching through and accenting the song (I think the end of Piper?) with some upfront activity.

PHISH – 2011 NYE RUN – Friends & Photos

Who had fun on New Years? I did, I did!! We had an amazing four-night run at Madison Square Garden with Phish! Here are some moments (you won’t find them in a box) that I captured of the band, the scene and my friends! Oh, and there were fans dancing in the air (SKYWALKERs!!) AND a bunch of WHITE meatsticks!! Don’t miss my video of “Down With Disease” showing all the New Year’s madness in my previous post!

Trey Anastasio Band – Snake Head Thumb – Fall Tour 2011

Trey band came to the Jerz last night as part of his fall 2011 tour. Last night, for only the fifth time, the band played the straight-up blues “Snake Head Thumb” co-written with the Dude of Life (Steve Pollak) which premiered for the first time at the Burlington, VT show (10/1/11).

I had the chance to talk to the Dude last night outside the Wellmont Theater where he let me know that he was writing a bunch, and that Trey would perform the new song for us. I was looking forward to hearing it–and the tune fit in really nicely. You may be seeing some new Space Antelope shows coming to light–we’ll see the quality of tapes and if someone (@Scott_Bernstein) wants to take on the project.

Space Is The Place – Sun Ra Arkestra

The final space walk is under way right now. Crazy to think that astronauts are 240 miles above us, floating weightless, while they make repairs to the Space Station. I’m bummed that there’s no more funding for space exploration. In the meantime, we can still teleport through music. Take this wonderful performance from Sun Ra Arkestra, led by saxophonist Marshall Allan, of “Space Is the Place.” A fitting tribute on a day like today…


We’ll wait for you…

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