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Fishman’s New Marimba Lumina – Merriweather Post Pavilion – 7/14/13

Fishman busted out a crazy solo on the Marimba Lumina during “Scent of a Mule” on Sunday night at Merriweather Post Pavilion.

The first video has Trey and Mike watching along completely fascinated—and putting their instruments down to let him solo.

Part II has Fish creating some really cool, super spacey, “out there” sounds as he takes his solo.


Trey Fans: Hands On A Hard Body Ticket 40% Discount



Dude, this is the best offer we’ve seen yet. Because Trey is so cool and wants to say thanks for all your support — he’s offering fans a 40% off ticket discount on upcoming performances of HANDS ON A HARD BODY — his awesome new musical that’s on BROADWAY.

To get the discount, call (877) 250-2929 and mention code FAF1HH, or order tickets online through crappy and enter code FAF1HH or walk your butt over to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre and mention that you’re Trey’s biggest fan.

For more info like performance dates and availability (like, did y’know that theaters go dark on Mondays — and there are matinee performances on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays? in addition, of course, to regularly scheduled evening performances)  visit

And the Hands On A Hard Body winner is…

NYCJAMGAL and Hands On A Hard Body are excited to announce the winner of two FREE tickets to this spring’s HOTTEST new musical on Broadway to NOAH LUBETSKY from Philadelphia, PA!!

Congrats Noah! When we asked “What extremes you would you go to to win these free tickets” Noah answered with this photo and response:


“Hey nycjamgal! This hairy guy would take a trip to the local waxing salon and get from the neck down done for a chance to win hard body musical tix! #treymusical”

While we aren’t going to make Noah go through with waxing his chest, we did think he exhibited the most creative and daring response. Way to go Noah! Enjoy the show!

Thank you to everyone for participating. Hands On A Hard Body begins previews tomorrow, Saturday, February 23rd, and opening night is on March 21st.

For more, visit:



Blissfully Freaked Out

Hard to believe that last weekend we were at the Garden. While shooting this vid from the back of the 100-level section I remember being blissfully freaked out. It combines a sick light show from the creativity of Chris Kuroda’s mind and a beautiful and spacey jam from Phish. Moments like these were rare at the Garden this year. You’ll hear a lot of stretchy Clavinet from Page McConnell (Chairman of the Boards!!) and the treble of Mike’s bass punching through and accenting the song (I think the end of Piper?) with some upfront activity.

New York Guitar Festival – Feat: Mike Gordon, Larry Campbell – World Financial Center, Winter Garden

The 2012 New York Guitar festival kicked off this past evening at the Winter Garden Atrium,  in the World Financial Center, by celebrating 30 years of Brian Eno’s album, “Apollo: Atmosphere and Soundtracks.”

The album, played LIVE for the first time ever, featured Mike Gordon (bass) Larry Campbell (guitar) David Torn, Noveller, and Jeff Parker. A tribute to NASA’s Moon landings, Eno’s album imagines very ethereal, peaceful-yet-haunting, moving, and spacey(literally!) sounds and soundscapes.

Played in its entirety, Eno wanted the music to induce a feeling of “weightlessness” and so there’s no way  a note-for-note replication could be created of these highly-complicated tracks–though, if any band has come close–it was this lineup.

This video of the band “jamming” captures the band improvising on their own, after completing the album, and  being introduced to the full house at Winter Garden. Oops, looks like you’re not allowed to see that video!! Also amazing were the moving images of nebulae, swirling dust, and spoken word about the Apollo moon landings and NASA. Remember kids: We are all molecules.


Phish rings in the New Year with “Down With Disease” at Madison Square Garden. Complete with aerial dancers, balloon drop and a white out of meatsticks!!

Download: Mike Gordon, The Music Hall, Portsmouth, NH

Mike Gordon kicked off a mini-tour of New Hampshire this past weekend with two shows. The first, on Saturday, 11/12/11, at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, featured two sets from Mike’s steady lineup of musicians: guitarist and vocalist Scott Murawski from Max Creek, drummer Todd Isler from International Orange, percussionist and mad-beat-dropper Craig Myers from Rubblebucket, and keyboard wizard Tom Cleary teacher of jazz at the University of Vermont.

**To download an iTunes ready version of the Mike Gordon show from The Music Hall, taped by Ted Gakidis, please click here.**

The show mostly showcased tunes off Gordon’s recent album Moss, (“Horizon Line,” “Spiral,” “Fire From A Stick,” and “Can’t Stand Still”) which, over the past year have been road tested and remain mainstays in the band’s repertoire.

Drawing from his second album, Green Sparrow, Gordon opened his second set with “Dig Further Down” and closed with “Traveled Too Far.” Sprinkled throughout the show were covers that ranged from bluegrass (Bill Monroe’s “Walls of Time”) to pop (Alanis Morrisette’s “Hand In My Pocket”); and even Gillian Welch’s “Time (The Revelator)” and Little Feat’s “Skin It Back.” The second set closer, The Who’s “Wont Get Fooled Again” was a first for the band.

Scott Murawski sang “Willow Tree”–a tune he brought from his other band, Max Creek, and Tom Cleary performed an original in each set, “Crumblin’ Bones” and “Be Good And You’ll Be Lonely,” which features three-part harmonies between Gordon, Murawski, and Cleary. Gordon stretched out and revisited two older fan favorites, “Couch Lady” and “Susskind Hotel” before closing out the first set.

Mike Gordon ended the evening with an encore of the GRAB original “Hap Nappy” and Tower of Power’s “Down to the Nightclub.”

Cactus Cafe: Mike Gordon, Bluebird Cafe, 11/19/10 mp3 download

Mike Gordon, 2010

iTunes ready  — Mike Gordon from Bluebird Cafe, Bloomington, Indiana, 11/19/10.

Welcome to a really tasty Mike Gordon show. The Bloomington show is cool for a number of reasons. As the 12th show in a 17-date tour, the band has hit their stride. Performing loosely, the gig has a laidback and experimental feel…even though there are a number of relatively new songs to tour with from Mike’s latest album, Moss.

Mike starts us off with the far-out-there sounds of the Kaossilator before launching into the bass-driven, “Fire From A Stick” and then a lengthy 14-minute version of “Voices” possibly the longest ever (?!), with an incredible jam section and, some footbell action?

My favorite segue of the show pops up next–guitarist Scott Murawski powers through the Max Creek tune “Emotional Railroad” into The Beatles “She Said, She Said” in a seamless transition. Both tunes take turns teasing one another! “What Things Seem” slows the pace (with the exception of the always exciting rockstar ending), Mike banters about Feng Shui, and then bam! a different sounding “Weekly Time” is thrown at us. Rounding out the first set is keyboardist Tom Cleary’s sing-along “I Sure Miss My Mind”, percussionist Craig Myers badass rapping covering “Things That Make You Go Hmm” and a personal favorite to end, “Couch Lady” from Inside In…Mike’s first solo album.

Second set the crowd gets a little chatty (bugs me during Morphing Again which I find so melodic and lovely)–and the taper’s recording (actually the monitor guy for the venue) misses part of the drum intro–a first-time-played “Mt. Philo” by Todd Isler and Craig Myers. Listen for the original name (end of track 12). We also miss the encore because of another taper fail! His batteries died. Well, we can’t get upset at the only known recording of this show, and we appreciate tapers (thank you Patrick Moore). Oh, so 2nd set. We get back-to-back Moss tunes: “Can’t Stand Still” which Scott M. absolutely shreds on and “Spiral” which has Mike and Scott beautifully weaving and tossing the melody back and forth to one another (about 8 minutes in, check it out).

Mike Gordon with the Kaossilator

But, as LeVar Burton used to say, “don’t take my word for it!” Check it out fer yourself!

Click here to download Mike Gordon, Bluebird Cafe, from Bloomington, IN, 11/19/10

Download: Mike Gordon, Atlanta, GA, 9/17/09 (one of my faves!!)

Happy Birthday Mike Gordon! Let’s all celebrate and get bassed by downloading this iTunes ready (and one of my favorite MIKE shows ever) from Hotlanta…with very special guest artists Col Bruce Hampton sitting in on “Yield Not to Temptation” and guest sax player Deji Coker on “Nobody’s Home” and “I’m Deranged.” The Variety Playhouse show took place on Thursday, September 17th, 2009. Here’s the full setlist.

Click here to download to Mike Gordon’s Atlanta ’09 show!

Mike Gordon on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Making his first solo band appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Mike Gordon performed a snappy four-minute version of “Horizon Line” off his recent album, Moss. With no time to spare after Fallon’s quick intro, Gordon launched into the song’s signature bass line–which also pulls double duty as the tune’s main melody. Gordon, while dressed in a green military jacket, was anything but stiff throughout the performance, smiled and gently rocked back in forth in time with guitarist Scott Murawski. Also enjoying their time on stage was Murawski who got some nice airtime towards the end of the performance taking a solid, yet stylistic solo on his Ibanez guitar. Brooklyn-based drummer Todd Isler kept steady time and later commented to me that the experience was “surreal.” Craig Myers (percussion) and Tom Cleary (keys) made the trip to New York City for a day of rehearsal with the band before the show–and is evident in the tight, shortened performance of “Horizon Line” which usually ranges around the ten minute mark.

As a guest in the audience I had the unique advantage of watching the band set up and then clear the stage after the performance. While the 187 capacity studio at Rockefeller Center was completely packed I can’t say that many Phish fans made it into the show or on Fallon’s band bench (a unique opportunity to rock out on stage with the guest artist). What you don’t see on camera are the lead-in and outros that The Roots perform before and after each commercial break–or the gregarious nature of Jimmy Fallon. It’s a really tight ship in the studio and between segments the NBC pages troll the aisles looking for cellphones which are strictly prohibited from being out or used.

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