Cactus Cafe: Mike Gordon, Bluebird Cafe, 11/19/10 mp3 download

Mike Gordon, 2010

iTunes ready  — Mike Gordon from Bluebird Cafe, Bloomington, Indiana, 11/19/10.

Welcome to a really tasty Mike Gordon show. The Bloomington show is cool for a number of reasons. As the 12th show in a 17-date tour, the band has hit their stride. Performing loosely, the gig has a laidback and experimental feel…even though there are a number of relatively new songs to tour with from Mike’s latest album, Moss.

Mike starts us off with the far-out-there sounds of the Kaossilator before launching into the bass-driven, “Fire From A Stick” and then a lengthy 14-minute version of “Voices” possibly the longest ever (?!), with an incredible jam section and, some footbell action?

My favorite segue of the show pops up next–guitarist Scott Murawski powers through the Max Creek tune “Emotional Railroad” into The Beatles “She Said, She Said” in a seamless transition. Both tunes take turns teasing one another! “What Things Seem” slows the pace (with the exception of the always exciting rockstar ending), Mike banters about Feng Shui, and then bam! a different sounding “Weekly Time” is thrown at us. Rounding out the first set is keyboardist Tom Cleary’s sing-along “I Sure Miss My Mind”, percussionist Craig Myers badass rapping covering “Things That Make You Go Hmm” and a personal favorite to end, “Couch Lady” from Inside In…Mike’s first solo album.

Second set the crowd gets a little chatty (bugs me during Morphing Again which I find so melodic and lovely)–and the taper’s recording (actually the monitor guy for the venue) misses part of the drum intro–a first-time-played “Mt. Philo” by Todd Isler and Craig Myers. Listen for the original name (end of track 12). We also miss the encore because of another taper fail! His batteries died. Well, we can’t get upset at the only known recording of this show, and we appreciate tapers (thank you Patrick Moore). Oh, so 2nd set. We get back-to-back Moss tunes: “Can’t Stand Still” which Scott M. absolutely shreds on and “Spiral” which has Mike and Scott beautifully weaving and tossing the melody back and forth to one another (about 8 minutes in, check it out).

Mike Gordon with the Kaossilator

But, as LeVar Burton used to say, “don’t take my word for it!” Check it out fer yourself!

Click here to download Mike Gordon, Bluebird Cafe, from Bloomington, IN, 11/19/10


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