Garage a Trois, Brooklyn Bowl, 5/21/11 with video!!

Garage a Trois brought their rage and killer, psychotic, free form rock and jazz metal to Brooklyn Bowl on Saturday night (5/21/11). Promoting their new album, “Always Be Happy, But Stay Evil” GAT performed various tunes off the album throughout the evening. Stanton Moore (drums), Mike Dillon (percussion), Skerik (sax), and Marco Benevento (keys) all came out in matching gray Puma jump suits and kicks. I think the jackets were off by second set–they were definitely shed by the time the tequila bottle was being passed around on stage. There was a good crowd at the Bowl, everyone dancing and eating up the stage antics. Mike Dillon climbed on top of an amp, sang a Ween song, and narrowly cleared his xylophone when he jumped over it–in all, Mike D was being Mike D and it was awesome. Skerik, between wailing on his sax and exchanging solos with Marco, would turn around and stick his tongue out at Stanton. These guys act like it’s their first day of kindergarten and have the most fun I’ve ever seen a band have on stage…though it was the last stop on their recent tour…I hope NYC gets a taste of GAT again soon. Until then…here’s some video I shot with my iPhone. Pretty ragin’


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  1. great site check out this one about touring with phish…

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