The Funky Meters Brooklyn Bowl 2/17/11

On their third night of a three-night run at New York City’s Brooklyn Bowl, The Funky Meters strut their stuff through a series of funky New Orleans standards and some off-the-cuff classic covers. The show, one long two-hour plus set, kicked off with The Funky Meters jamming into the New Orleans staple “Funky Miracle.” Fans sang along to “Funkify Your Life” stressing the lyrics “aint nobody going to out funk me”! After Dylan’s cover of “Rainy Day Women,” Poppa Funk finally found his own groove–check out the video I shot of George leading the segue with Art out of “Cissy Strut” into the rousing Stephen Stills cover, “Love the One You’re With.”

I’m even more excited to share with you one of my favorite George Porter, Jr. tunes “He Bite Me (The Dragon).” The writing is simple, but George growls and roooooars through these lyrics. “Dragon” also interests me as a bass player for it’s slow, yet funky groove. There’s an important lesson here: a song doesn’t have to be fast to be funky or have a killer groove.

Has to be said that this night of Brooklyn Bowl was a lot of fun–not only for the crowd, but for the band as well. I’ve seen every incarnation of band formed by or with George Porter, including PBS, Runnin’ Pardners, 7 Walkers, The Meters (at Vegoose) and at Jazz Fest…but tonight GEORGE WAS DANCING. Damn, he was hot steppin’ and loving every minute of playing Lil’ Liza Jane with Art. Proof (below).

No NOLA-inspired night is complete without a superjam–and this night included special guests Eric Krasno on guitar, Questlove and Nikki Gillespie on drums and cowbell for “Simple Song.”


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