Secret Sisters Don’t Just Show Up. They arrive.

Chances are you haven’t heard of the Secret Sisters. As a duo with roots locked with old-timey vocals, I was first introduced to their music through a cover of “Big River” which got a lot of love from WFUV–our local radio. Their airtime showcased a natural ease and fine blend of Lydia and Laura Rogers’ voices; two songbirds from Mussel Shoals, Ala. who chose to record the iTunes-only song with Jack Black and would later attract the attention of T. Bone Burnett who produced their first self-titled album, The Secret Sisters. Pretty impressive.

But they were here, and damn they’re good. I wasn’t prepared for their show (see: flip cam videos or camera!) when I grabbed this video of their original tune, “River Jordan” which was a first time played. I definitely encourage anyone with a pension for bluegrass, dynamic and original voices, or humor (the girls put on a great show and you’ll get a kick out of their tales of sisterly love).

Their star is on the rise, so catch them while you can. Where? Well, they’re currently touring Europe with the recently-awarded Grammy winner Ray LaMontagne–but they’ll be back stateside soon enough. Just keep an eye on the arrival sign.


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