Mike Gordon on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

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Making his first solo band appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Mike Gordon performed a snappy four-minute version of “Horizon Line” off his recent album, Moss. With no time to spare after Fallon’s quick intro, Gordon launched into the song’s signature bass line–which also pulls double duty as the tune’s main melody. Gordon, while dressed in a green military jacket, was anything but stiff throughout the performance, smiled and gently rocked back in forth in time with guitarist Scott Murawski. Also enjoying their time on stage was Murawski who got some nice airtime towards the end of the performance taking a solid, yet stylistic solo on his Ibanez guitar. Brooklyn-based drummer Todd Isler kept steady time and later commented to me that the experience was “surreal.” Craig Myers (percussion) and Tom Cleary (keys) made the trip to New York City for a day of rehearsal with the band before the show–and is evident in the tight, shortened performance of “Horizon Line” which usually ranges around the ten minute mark.

As a guest in the audience I had the unique advantage of watching the band set up and then clear the stage after the performance. While the 187 capacity studio at Rockefeller Center was completely packed I can’t say that many Phish fans made it into the show or on Fallon’s band bench (a unique opportunity to rock out on stage with the guest artist). What you don’t see on camera are the lead-in and outros that The Roots perform before and after each commercial break–or the gregarious nature of Jimmy Fallon. It’s a really tight ship in the studio and between segments the NBC pages troll the aisles looking for cellphones which are strictly prohibited from being out or used.



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