Anders Got a Brand New Band

Anders is definitely into something new. For the first time we were treated to nope, not the sounds of Kirk Joseph’s sousaphone to hold down the low end, but a really hard sounding, metal/thrashing lookin bass player. And, despite dancing at the very front in front of his bass cabinets (I heard a little too much distortion) he works!; just don’t go expecting the subtle NOLA-funky style we’re used to…and speaking of NOLA funky bass players….

GO SEE GEORGE PORTER and the Runnin’ Pardners tonight at Sullivan Hall. It doesn’t get any more funky or true to form than GPJR!

Back to the thrashing…Anders and band really were rockin’ the Rocks Off  Temptress. The dancing gets very contagious when Anders is throwing his entire body back and forth…really getting into the music. Him and “thrasher” were playing right up against one another…and for the most part they were locked in rhythmically.

A lot of the new songs were played. I shelled out $20 for “American Patchwork,” which features Robert Walter on keys, Stanton Moore on drums, and Pepper Keenan on guitars and vocal.

I’m pretty sure Anders opened with “On the Road to Charlie Parker” which we heard is about Anders’ realization that if continuing down his drug-fueled path he would end up like, yes, the Bird. But thank goodness the sobriety beard is still with us–even if Anders looks like Teen Wolf!

Other tracks off the album we heard were “Echoes of My Sins,” “Acapulco,” and “Darkness At the Bottom,” the last song being such a standard in Ander’s repertoire that I was surprised to hear that it hadn’t been recorded before.

I’m looking forward to listening to the new album–but the songs last night weren’t as memorable as say “Stoned Drunk and Naked,”  and “Louisiana Rain” which were both played and always, always fun to hear…chant…sing..and get down to. I’m sure that we’ll grow to love and learn the new ones, just like the old ones, it’s just that it’s currently incubation time.

MVP of the night does go to Tab Benoit, who opened for his longtime and old friend Anders. He did this muted rhythmic strumming that sounded like (scratchingchukkahukkachukka) that was really great–and is just as masterful on guitar (but less heart wrenching on vocals) as Anders.

Tab said that as soon as all the New Yorkers got on the boat we sure seemed less “mean” and less intimidating…and he was right about his observation. Good people on the boat, good times as always…and now we can say that summer is officially here! More boat cruises! More fun!

Bring it!


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