Magic Ball Predicts Phish Aligning With The Rolling Stones

Pinch me. I’m still in shock that Keith Richards introduced Phish last night on “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.” There’s no crystal ball that could have conjured this image a year ago. If it had, I would’ve stared back and quoted Seth Myers from “Saturday Night Live” saying “Really?! Really?!” Cause the last time the penultimate jam band Phish graced our late night television set was six years ago when they played the Letterman marquee. But now Phish has synced with cosmic timing. There’s just no other way to explain the planets aligning–or the uncanny chain of events which unfolded this week uniting Phish and The Rolling Stones.

While the timing couldn’t be any better, it’s not really an oddity. Phish has covered the Stone’s “Loving Cup” for years, and this past October covered the album “Exile on Main Street” in its entirety by donning a musical costume at their 3-day Halloween event, Festival 8. But how did they know that the Stones would choose now to revive 10 never-heard-before Exile tracks? It’s just too freaky, man, to even try and figure out.

Phish = the sound of worlds colliding.


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