Phish to Induct Genesis into the Rock Hall

MSG, 12/2/09

Phish, Madison Square Garden, 12.2.09

It’s a big day for our scene. Phish is inducting Genesis into the Rock and Roll Hall of Music Fame. And it’s a pretty big deal considering they’re not considered to by some to be a “mainstream” band. Well, this is big stream stuff. They’ll play two songs tonight, which are rumored to be “Watcher of the Skies” and “No Reply At All.”

The best part of evening will surely be the end jam which features the inductees and guests. is broadcasting the event live from the Waldorf=Astoria this evening, beginning at 8:30pm. No word yet if there will be guests with Phish as they rock out the Genesis tunes. “No Reply At All” features a pretty prominent horn section–so I wonder who will show up?!

The best part about following the jam scene news today was when Phantasy Tour user jethuschrithp snuck in to the Waldorf this afternoon for the Phish sound check. He came away with this video.  Now is catching  up posting their own photos of the Phish sound check. Good suff. I’m looking forward to getting out of work and enjoying the ceremony from my couch.


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